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Recent Projects 

Cervical Cancer & HPV Project

Cervical Cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers among Indian women. It is believed that in India there are 132,000 new cases every year, 74,000 women deaths every year with a women dying  every 8 minutes from this disease. The majority of cervical cancers are preceded by infections with human papillomaviruses (HPV), and can be prevented through a combination of vaccination against HPV and regular screening for HPV infections. In India, however, access to HPV testing in needy populations is limited by the cost of testing.

I-SHARE Foundation has received a CSR grant from Gharda Chemicals to enable free HPV testing for cervical cancer screening in populations that need it. I-SHARE has partnered with the NGO Prayas Health Group to implement a comprehensive screening program. Women over the age of 30 (or over 25 years of age if they are HIV positive) undergo HPV testing free of cost under this program. Women who test positive, undergo counselling , appropriate treatments and further follow-up.

Our current grant should enable us to screen 3000 women, So far we have tested and screened over 2500 women in and around Pune city, We are soliciting donations and CSR collaborations to further expand the scope of this project and help save more lives.




CORPORATES: If you are interested in a CSR project collaboration, please get in touch. As an organisation run by doctors and scientists, we are committed to ensuring that the funds are utilised in scientifically proven ways to benefit lives. We will give you a detailed and timely update on the project progress and ensure a gratifying social impact.

NGOs: If you are currently working in the space of women's health, cervical cancer screening or related areas, we may be able to collaborate and expand the scope of our individual projects.

MEDICAL COLLEGE/ HOSPITALS: If you have patients that may benefit from HPV testing and are looking for abilities to fund the process, we invite you to look into our subsidised testing project below. We would also be open to designing a new project meeting the needs of your doctors and patients.

Subsidised Molecular Diagnostics Program

Subsidised Diagnostics Pogram

Our mission is to innovate solutions that improve healthcare access for underserved segments of the population especially women and children. Good healthcare starts with accurate diagnostics hence, one of I-SHARE Foundation’s areas of interest is in making

effective advanced diagnostics such as molecular genetic tests, affordable to all sections of society in a sustainable manner.

As part of our CSR grant from Gharda Chemicals, I-SHARE Foundation is able to provide certain molecular genetic tests at subsidised rates to needy patients. Patients in need of subsidies for diagnostic tests need to fill out a subsidy request form and provide supporting documents substantiating the need for testing along with a physician's prescription. I-SHARE has partnered with GenePath Diagnostics to provide this testing at very low cost compared to MRP.


The following tests are being offered under the project : 

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